Living Room With Love – Provide Happy Home Feelings!!

Shakespeare told us “all the world’s a stage.”  Well, each of our homes is our own little theater–the place where daily lives play out.  How we arrange our “sets” have a lot to do with how we enjoy our homes.

My friend lynn asked me to help her “stage” her apartment.  It is a perfectly lovely place and lynn has excellent taste and many personal things she loves.  However, I did think that she was neglecting some of the best features of the apartment a bit.  It took only a few moves to make some very pleasant changes.

  • We placed a comfortable and rather large chair closer to the fireplace, creating not only a cozy place to sit and read, but also making her hearth and mantle area much more inviting.
  • Lynn also had a round table that seemed to lack its own moorings.  We moved it into a corner and made it fit in better by placing a lamp on it along with a few of her favorite things to display.  It now has both a home and a function.
  • But the very small change that seemed to make Lynn the happiest was suggesting she open the doors of a small armoire in the dining area, and that she dress the shelves to please her.  Closed doors can be off putting.  But, like open arms, the armoire now embraces a little vase Lynn bought on a trip to Italy, a sewing basket with her collection of lace trims that peek over the side, and some other items that not only give texture and depth to her room, but a true sharing of herself.

Lynn seems so much happier with her new “stage”–and happy vibes now seem to bounce off her walls.  So often, we occupy ourselves with function in our choice of furnishings.  Will we have enough storage?  Will the seating area be ample for the big family gatherings?  Will the dining table finish stand up under the wear and tear of youngsters?  All good concerns.

However, remember too that living with love is your ultimate goal.  So furnish your home with good cheer and happiness–and share the vibes.

The photo shown here, from our Acme collection, is a half round table that expands to a round table for a cozy, dual-purpose piece.  Take a tour of our Acme collection to view more pieces.





It’s Time to Extend Your Lounge Area Table Skylines

FlatFair Furniture has some of the most stylish dining room tables and sets you have seen – yet you might not know that many of them are dining room tables. Some start their life as coffee tables, console tables, or even small desks. However, they pull out or convert into dining room tables that can seat anywhere from two to 12 diners. They are made of high-quality materials, they are easy to use, and they have some of unique and interesting designs that you or your guests are likely to see.

Is it time for you to upgrade your dining table? Here are 10 Guideposts that it might be time to consider one of the sophisticated, space-saving tables that FlatFair Furniture offers:

1. You Need Additional Space in Your Kitchen
Are you finding it harder to maneuver around that giant table you have planted in your kitchen? Is it more difficult to make meals, prepare after-school snacks, or just walk through your kitchen? You might need to get rid of that oversize table taking up all that room every day and replace it with a smaller table that can convert only when you need to entertain more guests. After all, you likely do not serve a huge meal every day. Get a convertible table that will expand to a larger dining area only when you need it.

2. You’re Tired of Hard-to-Adjust Leaf Tables
Chairs expanding tables are not a new invention. Even your grandma likely had an old, wooden table that could be expand by adding a leaf when company came over. However, if you have one of these tables, you know that they are not that easy to use. It is a real pain to pull the table apart, to lug out the heavy leaf, and to get it in place. The whole process usually requires a couple of people, an arduous search for the leaf, and a lot of hassle to lug it out and get it in place. FlatFair Furniture’s extending tables are easy to convert with just the flip of a tabletop or pulling out the legs on a track that glides easily. You will not even need any help!

3. You Don’t Have Enough Room for Everybody
Maybe your family has grown over the years now that kids have had their own kids and people have married into already established families. Alternatively, maybe you are now the host for the holidays or for Sunday dinners when a former matriarch passed on the honor. Whatever the reason, you are finding that your current table does not have enough room for everybody. You are adding card tables, people are sitting separately, and that is just not acceptable. Get an expanding table from Flatfair Furniture that will fit all the guests you plan to host.

4. You are Downsizing Your Home
You are tired of all the clutter in your home, and you are ready to get rid of that furniture you have been carting around for years so you can make some more space. That includes the formal dining room table that is taking up valuable floor space. Trade it in for a convertible dining table from FlatFair Furniture without sacrificing the dining space. You will have a smaller table occupying the space day-to-day, but you will still have the capacity to seat the same number of people as you did before.

5. Your Table Feels Rickety and Warped
Home-interior-symbol-of-a-single-sofa-in-a-house-outline over time, even a quality wooden table can become a bit rickety. After all those years of moving the table around, chairs pushing in and out, and heavy dishes being placed on it, the screws and joints can become a little loose, and that can make it less sturdy. The moisture and heat from the food can also warp the wood or the laminate, causing it to look terrible. After a certain point, you cannot repair the table anymore, and you just have to replace it. Our modern tables are made of materials like metal, glass, and hard woods that will last for decades, if not a lifetime.

6. You Need a New Look
If you have been holding onto your dining room table for years, it may look as dated as that Betamax you still have in the den. In addition, that dates you, too! The table may be perfectly good, and you may even like the style still, but it is time for something new. Pass on the table to someone else who would like it, and treat yourself to a new table that will give the space new life.

7. You Have Welcomed More People into Your Home
Maybe you have adopted another child, or two, since you bought your last table. Alternatively, maybe your aging parents have moved in with you. Alternatively, maybe you have just given your sister and her children a place to stay while they start over. You need a bigger table, but you do not want to plant a huge table in your kitchen or dining room now that you have more people walking through the space every day. A convertible dining table is the perfect solution.

FlatFairTable Dining Set in White gloss with 8 folding chairs
8. You Have to Fix Your Table Often
Many people like the look of a wooden table, but wood takes a beating over time, and it requires a lot of maintenance. You can keep sanding and re-staining your table. It costs too much money and takes up too much time. Instead, get one of the beautiful metal or glass tables from FlatFair Furniture. If you just have to have wood, we also have hardwood options that are easier to maintain, as well as manufactured options that have the look of wood.

9. The Table No Longer Matches Your Style
You may have been really into mid-century modern design when you bought your dining table, but now the look seems hokey or dated to you. Whatever the style of your table, it may just no longer match your tastes. If that is the case, consider a new modern table with a design that makes your home feel exciting again.

10. You Have Moved
When you move, you are going to accept many changes. One of them may be that you have a smaller kitchen or dining area, or that you have a differently shaped dining area that does not work with your table. Now is the time to get a convertible dining table that will easily fit the space and any other that you might be in going forward.

Do not keep hanging onto that old dining table when it is no longer serving you! If you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios, check out the expanding and convertible dining tables at FlatFair Furniture to update your style and get a table that serves your needs. Check out the expanding and convertible dining tables.


Lighting is often an overlooked requirement when it comes to home furnishings. A properly struck room is both functional and beautiful, making lighting one of the most important accessories in your home. Since lighting plays such a significant role, there are many options available to fit everyone’s design and personal style preferences. 2018 has been a great year for new and exciting lighting trends. Explore the following trends to see which ones appeal most to you and the atmosphere that you would like to create in your home.



Gold has seen an increase in popularity as showed at this year’s Spring High Point Market. Gold was showcase in various forms from Mid-century modern hanging light fixtures to geometric-shaped table lamps. Gold fixtures are often paire with Edison bulbs to give a unique vintage feel and add warmth to any room. Other metals such as steel and aluminum may be pair with gold to create a vibrant multi-layered metallic look.



Modern and minimalist designs are one of the most sought after indoor lighting trends. Large, statement fixtures made from metal and industrial materials create a distinct focal point in living rooms and kitchens. These fixtures add a structural and artistic element to each room and make great conversation pieces.



Get the outside, inside. Nature has been an important design element in 2018, ever since Pan tone named Greenery the color of the year. In addition to rich earth tone colors, we have seen a rise of natural materials being brought inside as well. Fixtures made from materials such as bamboo and wood are making appearances in rooms throughout the entire home.


While many people are bringing outdoor elements inside, it is important to remember to have proper lighting in your outdoor living area as well. Not only does outdoor lighting provide ambiance for evening barbecues and gatherings with family and friends but it duals as an increased security measure for your property. Many people are opting to use LED light bulbs in their outdoor fixtures due to their long life span and energy conservation.

 FlatFair Furniture has a variety of independent furniture retailers, including custom order showrooms, factory direct outlets, furniture outlets and dedicated manufacturers’ galleries making it easy to choose the lighting fixtures that are right for your home and style. Shop our custom lighting catalogs online anytime at




5+ Tips For Romantic Décor

The Enjoyable colors of flowers and cosmetics may be the historic favorites for loving home furniture and décor. However, today’s love affair with the color white is motivating other romantic possibilities!

Perhaps it is no revelation. White was, after all, the color of French lace, tea roses, canopy beds and wedding dresses long before it was the color of iPods. Moreover, white does have special powers! More than symbolizing purity, honesty and spirituality (…and enhancing natural daylight), white is chameleon… it can look new or old, cool or warm.

Here are a few tips for using this versatile, unique color to create a romantic lifestyle and ambiance at home…

  • Reflects ‘whites’ rather than ‘white’! The most interesting white rooms feel slightly complex; the results of mixing a subtle range of white and off-white tones.
  • Do not reflect of white only in its purest forms.Today’s enormous range of white tones (ecru, ivory, eggshell, oatmeal, linen, etc.) offers a white hue for every style. The latest collection from FlatFair Furniture, Pedestal Dining Set features a Trellis White finish that is a perfect example of the more sophisticated and complex hues of white today.

  • Choose whites with similar undertones. Whites have either cool (blue, gray or pink) undertones… or warm (yellow, orange or brown) undertones. Mixing the two will make the warm whites look dirty.
  • Match white colors to the style they work with.Older-looking whites look best with well-worn woods, elderly fabrics or antique mirrors. Newer-looking whites look best with contemporary figures, dark woods or stainless steel.
  • Use white all over!Resist the urge to add ‘accent colors’, such as black or other colors… an all-white room feels softer and more romantic. Good rule of thumb?  Use whites on everything except wood furniture or wood floors.  Alternatively, throw caution to the wind and make them white, too!
  • Use a range of white textures that getup your style. Think white marble with white cabinets… white damask with white garden roses or a white cane headboard… white canvas or cotton with whitewashed pine furniture or white plaster walls.
  • Layer white textures.Hang white artwork on a white wall, layer two white tablecloths over one table or mix a variety of white textured pillows on a bed or sofa. Alternatively, use soft, sheer white curtains at the window for a very romantic touch as sunlight streams in behind them.

  • Add silver!There is nothing quite so romantic, whether stainless steel appliances with snow-white cabinets, antique mirror-front white cabinets or silver candlesticks on a white tablecloth.
  • Make it comfortable.Not to put a damper on the romance of white, but this uncompromising color does show more dirt. A solution is to use whitest whites on walls and ceilings, and darker whites or more textured white finishes on furniture.

9 Hacks To Achieve Your New Year’s Furniture Goal

The celebrations are over; the tree discharged or set out to the curb, the drink cabinet empty, the fridge no longer bursting at the layers. The Christmas and New Year period is over and it is back to early wake-up calls and dark mornings, and waiting until the sun decides to shine again.

However, it is certainly not all January blues. If you have taken down your decorations only to look around and realize your home needs a bit of a refresh, there is no better time to invest than in the January Sales. Part retail-therapy, part home-improvement, you can cheer up your surroundings and save money at the same time.

We have selected some of the best pieces that are in our January sales this month and combined them with a few other of our favorite’s retailer items to pull together a brand-new look for every room in your home this year.

The Bedroom |  The Living Room | The Home Office

The Bedroom

Need more storage in the bedroom. Our beautiful Shay collection combines a painted finish with Omnus Oak 5-Drawer Chest tops for additional storage at an attractive price.

Add a bit of comfort underfoot, add additional stylish texture with this gorgeous shaggy rug from FlatFair, and give your feet a treat on those cold early mornings.

shaggy rug

Finally, treat your bed to an updated look for less with this gorgeous graphic cotton bedding set. The soft greys will combine perfectly to create an oasis of calm, perfect for January.

The Living Room

If your living room is feeling a bit artless without the Christmas decorations, it is the perfect time to give it a bit of a boost with cozy textures and an addition of colour. Our beautiful Cappuccino Open Bookcase classic good looks with high quality hardwood, so you know it’s a piece that’s going to last whilst providing perfect storage for all those books you got for Christmas.

Add a pop of colour to your sofa with this beautiful bold indigo throw from FlatFair by Post while wrapping up in front of the fire or your favorite.

Finish off the new look with a soft patterned rug to add a pop of style and comfort to your floors. We love this trendy pattern from FlatFair.

The Home Office

Your home office just needs a bit of updating. Start by taking advantage of our fantastic sale for a new set of drawers that is sure to make you more productive this year.

Replace that worn out carpeting for something a little more practical – stunning parquet flooring that gives you the look of real wood without the upkeep. This interlocking Deck Tiles Set are perfect when laid over underfloor heating keeping you comfortable and kindly through the winter season.

Finish off the look with some new artwork on the walls. We love the contrast this artistic wall decor will provide when paired with more furniture that is traditional and the sale price makes it even more affordable.

We have sales across our entire range of furniture and accessories this January! Why not take advantage of these incredible deals to beat the January blues and give your home refreshment.







3 Simple Lighting Tweaks to Revamp Your Room This New Year!

With the New Year in full force, many people are embarking on home lighting projects to update their home and give it a fresh lease on life. Making your home feel more bright and new can be the best way to have a change without having to move, and it can have an extremely positive impact on many aspects of your life.

If you want to update a space in your house and make it instantly feel more fresh and airy, we have compiled some ideas for you:

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any space.Even a beautifully decorated room can be bright and dull and not to mention without the proper lighting.

                                             “ The right size & style of lamp table is key for proper lighting

Lighting throughout a room should be from each of three different layers:

Ambient Lighting.

The first and largest lighting layer is the ambient lighting.  Ambient lighting is the light that fills the room. The ambient lights are install in the ceiling of a room, and a light switch near the entrance of the room controls them.  Ambient light tends to light a room evenly, but it does not provide suitable light for detailed tasks. Good ambient light provides brightness for cleaning a room and for entering a space without tripping over things on the way in.

Task Lighting.

The Second layer of lighting is task lighting. Task lights used to light up a small area – say a comfortable reading chair and provide brighter light for reading, writing, cooking or other tasks. Task lights are most often portable lamps, but they can also take the form of pendant lights shining down on the surface of a countertop or under cabinet lighting in the kitchen.

Lamps need to be placed on a living room furniture table large sufficient to house both the lamp and other items such as a book or a cup of coffee. To choose a table in the proper size, be sure to select one that is larger than the diameter of the lampshade on your fixture; if your table is too small, the lamp will overpower the furniture.

Accent Lighting. 

The third layer of lighting included in a well-lit space is accent lighting. Accent lighting typically provides very little useful light in a room. Accent lighting used to highlight architectural or furniture details throughout the space. Accent lamps look perfectly at home atop a buffet in the dining room, a sofa table in the family room or console table in the entry hall.









The right lighting can change a space from an affected place for engaging guests to a bright space suitable for working on your dues. Including light fixtures from each of the three light layers will ensure you have enough lighting to meet all your attractive and efficient needs.

Best Idea for Christmas Gifts for Décor Lover

 I decorated my home, collecting simple, neutral pieces that can work easily with different style, colors and seasons. Having a somewhat neutral base to start with means I can change up the look of my space with less expensive items like throws, pillows and seasonal décor whenever I get the craving to try something different; which is more often than I would like to confess.  So, for the most part, I tried to select items that fit under the more neutral category, so the recipient can perfectly work your best gift in with their preferred design style.


I love gifts that are lovely, thoughtful, and reasonable, and this first group of items fits that picture perfectly! These would be great gifts to take for a host at a coming holiday party or of course to give to a friend or loved one.

1- Wooden Nesting Houses | 2- Coffee Mugs | 3- Wooden trays | 4- White       Pitcher | 5. Picture Frame | 6- Candle Holders


These tiny houses were one of my favorite items from Section .They will be perfect for holiday decor because they remind me a little Christmas village, but they are cute and neutral and will also fit in easily with most decor throughout the rest of the year as well. I take a set of these for my house, and I am thinking of taking a few more sets so I can give them as easy gifts in the months.

I take this exact set to use in my hutch as part of our fall decor this year, and they would be perfect for styling a bar cart and, you know, to drink from too. These mugs are beautiful and inexpensive and would make a great hostess gift.

Wooden Trays are great because you can set up a little vignette, and then easily move it out of the way with one grab if you have little people coming over or just want to clear your surfaces. I have one that is similar to the one I am linking here on the coffee table in my living room.

I love the classic piece that can look in just about any space for just about any season. I think I have used ours in every room of the house at one point! Fill it with flowers and give it to a friend to spread some joyfulness this holiday season!

These Picture frame are an easy, reasonable way to fill a blank wall with photos of people, places, and things you love! I used them in my office corner and love having cute photos of my sweet boys nearby! Having a shelf or two with some budget frames filled with family photos or kids’ painting for a creative and useful gift!

I feel like these candleholders automatically add elegance to a room! I like to use them on my dining room table or as part of a vignette as shown below, Set a candleholder + a yummy smelling pillar candle, and you have an easy, beautiful gift!

5 DIY Ideas For This Christmas Holidays

Here is the means by which to make home for the occasions more about style and less about worry. Keith Scott Morton, Country Living; better Homes and Gardens, FlatFair Furniture.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming. So are the occasion visitors. With a larger number of Americans adventure this season than ever many million individuals a year alone, it is anything but difficult for even the most experienced host to get worried. While we cannot serve your starters or cool your New Year’s Eve bubbly, we do know how to up the style bet of your home in ways that will support you to push less among the Christmas season, as well as year-round, as well.


The Rinko Parson Dining table serves up a chic present day vibe with its striking geometric cutplatform base and smooth vague quartz top. FlatFair Furniture.

With its rectangular shape, The Rinko Parson Dining table will relief guest because everybody will have the capacity to see each other and feel some portion of the conversation.

          Buffet Hutch China Cabinet includes more than a luxury touch. Flatfair Furniture.

With dramatic Baroque flourishes and greige shimmer accents, the Buffet Hutch China Cabinet conjures images of Old Hollywood glam. It also solves two classic entertaining problems by providing extra serving and storage space within arm’s reach of the table.

        All people require is to take a seat on Fabric Accent Chair to score the most relaxing seat in the house. FlatFair Furniture.

Guests will never guess that Fabric Accent Chair with its classic shape and tufted back is actually a recliner. Up to you, whether you spill the beans or keep this comfortable chair’s secret to yourself.

Designed of walnut and hickory this intricately designed serving cart, heirloom beauty, the warmth of wood…and more. Flatfair Furniture.

With rustic luxe finesse, the intricately designed serving cart is a double-duty asset.  Its spacious tabletop holds many snacks so guests can relax and food without ever leaving their seats. And with two full-depth/full-width drawers, this cart is the perfect place to stash items that need to be quickly picked up at the last minute before guests arrive.

The intricately designed serving cart.
This cart is a dream come true for anyone who entertains. FlatFair Furniture.

During the holidays, portable serving carts like this are invaluable because it saves lots of running back and forth to the kitchen. The Bar Cart is caringly designed with a sturdy metal frame, three large made of glass for easy clean up, bottle cubbies and side rails to keep contents in place during transport.

Ready to stress less, relax more during this holiday season?  Furniture like this can help. So can your nearest Flatfair furniture. Don’t delay. The holidays are upon us.






Tips on Keeping Your Office Organized

On the off chance that you have a small office, you know that it is so critical to increasing each square inch of room. Smart set up and use of your office is a must and we have plenty of office furniture and accessory recommendations to help. Look at some of our small office organization tips below!

Use a Tall & Narrow Bookcase


Bookcases are a very big space saver to the otherwise cluttered stacks of books on your desk and the ones floating about your office. For a smaller office, we recommend using a bookcase that is on the tall and narrow side versus a short and wide one that will get up more floor space.


Utilize an Under Desk Filing Cabinet

An under desk filing cabinet is a great file cabinet solution for a small space because it fits right under your desk. We have a huge amount of style alternatives to look over, so you’re certain to find out one that matches your style and taste!


Put your money on a Desktop Organizer

Desktop organizers are an awesome approach to decrease mess on your desktop and sort out important papers in a perfect stack. The desktop organizer below highlights three stackable letter plate and holds a lot of standard estimated papers. Utilize one plate or numerous lastly freed your work area of papers!

New Sofas From FlatFair Winter Collection

Winter is here, the holidays are basically upon us as is another line dream convertibles from FlatFair. This time of year Flatfair is focusing on building upon the functionality that their dream convertibles line has been known for.

Sleeper Sofa

You may have an idea they’ve passed by the wayside, so far whether you get them drag out love seats or covering a-beds, sleeper couches are as yet an incredible choice when you require an extra bed for guests and much more enjoyable than they used to be. These plans include an inner bed casing and sleeping pillow that can be dragged out from the bottom the seat pads.

The beds appear in a variety of sizes, so far full and ruler sizes are generally famous. One thing to remember – couch sleepers frequently consider basically more than a standard lounge chair, so migrating the couch will need some extra support.

Regardless of the utilitarian sleeper couch arrangement,you’re searching for, it’s anything but difficult to discover a style that will work for you and your home. Shop our futon and couch determinations and restricted the outcomes around sort, highlights, material, and more to locate the ideal fit for any space, style, or spending plan.

The Breathable Sofa Convertible Sectional Sofa Set



The Breathable Sofa  is a massive sectional

With a sofa bed that size you can invite your sibling’s entire family over for the holidays and have them sleep on the Breathable, putting to rest all your fears about where to put everybody with such little space in that city residence of yours. The Breathable also features a built-in storage compartment, just in case you needed something extra to go with your King sized sofa bed.

Convertible Sofa

With the most complete out variety of styles, convertible Sofas surround pieces that resemble conventional Sofas, however, overlap down or can generally be controlled to lie level with only a couple of movements.

Basic styles are for the most part armless with the back collapsing down to give a level surface to sleep. These outlines are some of the time similarly called futons by the manufacturer, however, the cushioning and upholstery are complete to the outside.

More amazing models may have settled or customizable arms, many unfolding segments, or a base that slides forward to make the rest space. Convertible sofas are available in a wide range of bed sizes, materials, and styles to suit any room.