Face Time calling used in assisting customer furniture assembling

Webex, Join.me, Logmein, teamviewer, gotomypc are popular names for remote desktop support in computer or internet industry. We have also heard often remote surgery by medical doctors, FlatFair is using the same concept to help our customers in furniture assembling now.

Face Time of iPhone was used recently by our customer service to assist to diagnose our customer’s assembling problems and both sides get very happy experiences.

Though the lady customer in the other side shows a little bit shy in the first minute seeing FlatFair customer service face to face, but both sides quickly jumped into the point and the customer changed her front camera to the back camera to show the furniture pieces on the carpet. The customer obviously get confused by the many holes on the base for Poundex sectional sofa back supports, even though the Instruction Manual has step by step procedures. The iPhone camera becomes our own eyes in the customer home and virtually a furniture expert is her hand-in-hand guide. Less than 10 minutes of virtually in-site assistance resolved the issues successfully. We can see the smiling face of the lady customer. A possible return was avoided and a unhappy customer minutes ago was turned into a smiling face!

Thanks a lot for iPhone Face Time!

John Yueh