General answer to customer’s complaint of negative reviews

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Review from Yitza Marie Perez in

Published Monday, March 28, 2016

Thank you.

Thanks for all the negative reviews and so many apologies from the company I won’t buy the living room set I fall in love with. I knew the price was to good to be true.

Reply from FlatFair

Hello Yitza,

Thanks for your message and hence, the opportunity to respond the reviews issue generally to you and all others may read this thread in the future. has over 2000 satisfied customer reviews here out of over tens of thousand satisfied but quiet customers. and, constantly solicited our monthly fee for subscription and we can not satisfy their demand. The less than 20 negative reviews of you found in,, etc. in the past years are getting way more exposure than the above other reviews. Are these factors related for the over exposure? I don’t know but you can make your judgement.

We apologize to those who left us negative review as many of the negative reviews were our fault and we treat those reviews very seriously. But we apologize even we were demanded unreasonably either by mis-information or abuse because we feel customer’s poor buying experiences need to be apologized.

We are proud that we were able to offer our well deserved customers in the very affordable prices with quality service! If you believe the price is too good to be true, it shows that we already left our competitors far behind. We hope your suspicious will be answered by those other tens of thousand customers shared their happy buying experiences with our product and our service.

We controlled our cost by not hiring expensive social media companies to beautify our images and to hide those negative reviews. We passed those saving to our valued customers by offering more affordable products and better services!

We hope you can give us an opportunity to prove us some day!

Thanks again!



Published 4 days ago

I had a great experience!! I am going to order again, despite the negative reviews here.

I don’t understand why there aren’t more positive reviews, unless it’s that the customers who are satisfied just didn’t bother to write a review? I was afraid to place my order. I had seen the same sofa on other sites for about 30-60% more, even Amazon and Overstock. The brand was the same and so I went for it and ordered two sofas.

I received a notification the same day that my sofas were back ordered and Ken in customer service offered to cancel my order. I wanted the sofas so I decided to wait for them . They arrived before the estimated date by over two weeks and Ken communicated well with me the whole time. The delivery guy was nice and the sofas were packaged well from the manufacturer

My sofas are exactly as pictured, perfect condition and better quality than I expected for a sofa under $500 each. The quality seems equal to the sofas I was replacing that had been purchased from Costco years ago.

I will be placing an order now for a dresser, because it is $300 cheaper here than at the other sites I found it on!