Best Idea for Christmas Gifts for Décor Lover

 I decorated my home, collecting simple, neutral pieces that can work easily with different style, colors and seasons. Having a somewhat neutral base to start with means I can change up the look of my space with less expensive items like throws, pillows and seasonal décor whenever I get the craving to try something different; which is more often than I would like to confess.  So, for the most part, I tried to select items that fit under the more neutral category, so the recipient can perfectly work your best gift in with their preferred design style.


I love gifts that are lovely, thoughtful, and reasonable, and this first group of items fits that picture perfectly! These would be great gifts to take for a host at a coming holiday party or of course to give to a friend or loved one.

1- Wooden Nesting Houses | 2- Coffee Mugs | 3- Wooden trays | 4- White       Pitcher | 5. Picture Frame | 6- Candle Holders


These tiny houses were one of my favorite items from Section .They will be perfect for holiday decor because they remind me a little Christmas village, but they are cute and neutral and will also fit in easily with most decor throughout the rest of the year as well. I take a set of these for my house, and I am thinking of taking a few more sets so I can give them as easy gifts in the months.

I take this exact set to use in my hutch as part of our fall decor this year, and they would be perfect for styling a bar cart and, you know, to drink from too. These mugs are beautiful and inexpensive and would make a great hostess gift.

Wooden Trays are great because you can set up a little vignette, and then easily move it out of the way with one grab if you have little people coming over or just want to clear your surfaces. I have one that is similar to the one I am linking here on the coffee table in my living room.

I love the classic piece that can look in just about any space for just about any season. I think I have used ours in every room of the house at one point! Fill it with flowers and give it to a friend to spread some joyfulness this holiday season!

These Picture frame are an easy, reasonable way to fill a blank wall with photos of people, places, and things you love! I used them in my office corner and love having cute photos of my sweet boys nearby! Having a shelf or two with some budget frames filled with family photos or kids’ painting for a creative and useful gift!

I feel like these candleholders automatically add elegance to a room! I like to use them on my dining room table or as part of a vignette as shown below, Set a candleholder + a yummy smelling pillar candle, and you have an easy, beautiful gift!