It’s Time to Extend Your Lounge Area Table Skylines

FlatFair Furniture has some of the most stylish dining room tables and sets you have seen – yet you might not know that many of them are dining room tables. Some start their life as coffee tables, console tables, or even small desks. However, they pull out or convert into dining room tables that can seat anywhere from two to 12 diners. They are made of high-quality materials, they are easy to use, and they have some of unique and interesting designs that you or your guests are likely to see.

Is it time for you to upgrade your dining table? Here are 10 Guideposts that it might be time to consider one of the sophisticated, space-saving tables that FlatFair Furniture offers:

1. You Need Additional Space in Your Kitchen
Are you finding it harder to maneuver around that giant table you have planted in your kitchen? Is it more difficult to make meals, prepare after-school snacks, or just walk through your kitchen? You might need to get rid of that oversize table taking up all that room every day and replace it with a smaller table that can convert only when you need to entertain more guests. After all, you likely do not serve a huge meal every day. Get a convertible table that will expand to a larger dining area only when you need it.

2. You’re Tired of Hard-to-Adjust Leaf Tables
Chairs expanding tables are not a new invention. Even your grandma likely had an old, wooden table that could be expand by adding a leaf when company came over. However, if you have one of these tables, you know that they are not that easy to use. It is a real pain to pull the table apart, to lug out the heavy leaf, and to get it in place. The whole process usually requires a couple of people, an arduous search for the leaf, and a lot of hassle to lug it out and get it in place. FlatFair Furniture’s extending tables are easy to convert with just the flip of a tabletop or pulling out the legs on a track that glides easily. You will not even need any help!

3. You Don’t Have Enough Room for Everybody
Maybe your family has grown over the years now that kids have had their own kids and people have married into already established families. Alternatively, maybe you are now the host for the holidays or for Sunday dinners when a former matriarch passed on the honor. Whatever the reason, you are finding that your current table does not have enough room for everybody. You are adding card tables, people are sitting separately, and that is just not acceptable. Get an expanding table from Flatfair Furniture that will fit all the guests you plan to host.

4. You are Downsizing Your Home
You are tired of all the clutter in your home, and you are ready to get rid of that furniture you have been carting around for years so you can make some more space. That includes the formal dining room table that is taking up valuable floor space. Trade it in for a convertible dining table from FlatFair Furniture without sacrificing the dining space. You will have a smaller table occupying the space day-to-day, but you will still have the capacity to seat the same number of people as you did before.

5. Your Table Feels Rickety and Warped
Home-interior-symbol-of-a-single-sofa-in-a-house-outline over time, even a quality wooden table can become a bit rickety. After all those years of moving the table around, chairs pushing in and out, and heavy dishes being placed on it, the screws and joints can become a little loose, and that can make it less sturdy. The moisture and heat from the food can also warp the wood or the laminate, causing it to look terrible. After a certain point, you cannot repair the table anymore, and you just have to replace it. Our modern tables are made of materials like metal, glass, and hard woods that will last for decades, if not a lifetime.

6. You Need a New Look
If you have been holding onto your dining room table for years, it may look as dated as that Betamax you still have in the den. In addition, that dates you, too! The table may be perfectly good, and you may even like the style still, but it is time for something new. Pass on the table to someone else who would like it, and treat yourself to a new table that will give the space new life.

7. You Have Welcomed More People into Your Home
Maybe you have adopted another child, or two, since you bought your last table. Alternatively, maybe your aging parents have moved in with you. Alternatively, maybe you have just given your sister and her children a place to stay while they start over. You need a bigger table, but you do not want to plant a huge table in your kitchen or dining room now that you have more people walking through the space every day. A convertible dining table is the perfect solution.

FlatFairTable Dining Set in White gloss with 8 folding chairs
8. You Have to Fix Your Table Often
Many people like the look of a wooden table, but wood takes a beating over time, and it requires a lot of maintenance. You can keep sanding and re-staining your table. It costs too much money and takes up too much time. Instead, get one of the beautiful metal or glass tables from FlatFair Furniture. If you just have to have wood, we also have hardwood options that are easier to maintain, as well as manufactured options that have the look of wood.

9. The Table No Longer Matches Your Style
You may have been really into mid-century modern design when you bought your dining table, but now the look seems hokey or dated to you. Whatever the style of your table, it may just no longer match your tastes. If that is the case, consider a new modern table with a design that makes your home feel exciting again.

10. You Have Moved
When you move, you are going to accept many changes. One of them may be that you have a smaller kitchen or dining area, or that you have a differently shaped dining area that does not work with your table. Now is the time to get a convertible dining table that will easily fit the space and any other that you might be in going forward.

Do not keep hanging onto that old dining table when it is no longer serving you! If you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios, check out the expanding and convertible dining tables at FlatFair Furniture to update your style and get a table that serves your needs. Check out the expanding and convertible dining tables.